Alinor, the natural goodness

Our company is located in Ripalta Cremasca in the Province of Cremona, surrounded by the rich and fertile Po Valley, but the raw materials that we select come anyway from the best lands to achieve the best quality ones.

Alinor turns staple foods such as milk, rice, soybeans and oats in respect of their natural composition. So that we get the finest products for eco-friendly consumers.

Our philosophy is to support a healthy and sustainable diet. We believe in the properties and benefits of organic products and this enhances our ongoing commitment to achieve the best results with the most pure and simplest ingredients. Our mission is to satisfy one’s appetite with new and alternative products, aimed at wellbeing and health.

Wellbeing and happiness aren‘t they positive effects of a good diet?

How we do it

Tradition and innovation, two words which are very dear to us.

The first is an essential component of our cultural heritage and therefore merit full protection, the memory that allows us to preserve the taste of innate flavors, even the ancestral ones.

The second, a key factor for future, allows us to be up to date to market trends and consumers needs and it is carried out by our motivate R&D team.

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