Notice to Shareholders 2015


An Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders is convened in first call, scheduled on 29th April 2015 at 9.00 a.m. at the Company’s head office in Via Vittorio Veneto 1/C, Ripalta Cremasca and, if necessary, a second call for 4th June 2015 at 11.a.m. in the same place, to discuss and resolve on the following:


1) Presentation of the Financial Statements for the year to 31st December 2014 accompanied by the Notes to the Financial Statements and Annual Reports by the Board of Directors, the Board of Auditors, and the Statutory Auditors. Resolutions pertaining thereto and resulting therefrom.

2) Remuneration awarded to administrators
In order to take part in the meeting, shareholders must deposit their shares within the legal time limits at the Company’s head office at Via Vittorio Veneto 1/C, Ripalta Cremasca, or at Monte Titoli SpA in the case of securities administered by them.

Documentation concerning the subjects on the agenda for the Meeting will be made available to the public within the time-limits and with the methods laid down by prevailing legislation. Shareholders are entitled to obtain copies of this. The documentation can also be consulted on the Company’s website

Ripalta Cremasca, 3rd April 2015

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