Plant-based cappuccino.
Naturally good.

Vitariz Barista, the new Veggie Line with 100% organic ingredients, designed for consumers looking for milk alternatives without sacrificing the goodness of a creamy cappuccino. Available in three delicious flavors: soy, oat, and almond.

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100% organic rice

The range of lactose-free drinks produced by Alinor with 100% organic rice of Italian origin.

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A nutritional superstar

From the plains of Northern Europe to our tables: all the properties and benefits of oats in the Alinor Primavena drink.

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Health and wellbeing

An excellent alternative to cow’s milk, our Soy Drink is produced with top-quality yellow-pod soybeans and is available in 4 delicious varieties plus a cooking cream.

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Dairy and vegetal drinks

A range of products based on rice, soy, oats and organic milk, guaranteeing the consumer a healthy, good and nutritious diet originating from farming that respects the land.

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